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    Board Rules

    Post by bieksa3 on Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:31 pm

    Just keep er clean.

    1. You will be tolerant and respectful of your fellow visitors(and this includes via Private Message). You will find every opinion imaginable here, so you may want to find another board if you are not able to keep your cool when someone's viewpoint offends you. The following actions are strictly prohibited:

    * Calling out other users.
    * Personal attacks and flaming. Attacking an idea is acceptable, attacking a user is not.
    * Trolling and posting with intent to provoke other posters
    * Retaliating to personal attacks(contact a moderator instead)
    * Harrassment, stalking, and shadowing other users with intent to provoke
    * Using abbreviations such as 'STFU' and 'GTFO'
    * Do not edit the quotes of other users

    If you find you can't get along with another user, feel free to use the ignore feature.

    2. You will not spam. Your message should be well thought out, and must add something of substance to the discussion, so please think before posting or creating a new thread. One-liners, list topics, quote pyramids, 'chat threads', and other "spammy" messages are not welcome. Do not post messages 'IBTL' or 'LOCK AND BAN' in threads, contact the moderators instead. Effort should be made to stay on topic with the original post as 'thread hijacking' is not acceptable. Please exercise some common sense, and put some thought into every post you make.

    3. You will remember this is a family-oriented site with many young visitors.This board is not an appropriate place for sexually explicit, violent, hateful, or vulgar discussions.

    * Racism is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. This includes jokes, and there are absolutely no exceptions or exclusions. Any racist behaviour or comment will result in an immediate suspension for the user in question.
    * Explicit language and intentionally bypassing the word censors will not be tolerated. This includes starring out words, and any other method of bypassing the censor.
    * Sexually explicit, hateful, and vulgar language and images will not be tolerated.

    4. You will not start a new topic (i.e. hit the "new topic" button) if the topic already exists. Always search for an existing topic to reply to, and only start a new one if you are sure the topic hasn't been discussed recently. You can access the search function by clicking the 'Search' button at the top of every page, or by clicking here.

    5. You will post your topic on the correct board. With hundreds of messages posted every day, it is necessary to have several boards dedicated to the more popular conversation topics. Please read the board descriptions and think about which board your topic belongs in before posting your message.

    6. Your signature image(s) will not exceed 400x200 pixels and your avatar will not exceed 80x80 pixels. The combined file size for avatars and signatures may not exceed 500 KB. Please limit additional text and quotes to one or two lines. Your signature may be removed without warning if it is found to be too big. Images that are larger than 400x200 or 500KB are inconsiderate to those unable to access the site with a high-speed connection. To check the size of your image, right click your image to view its properties. Vulgarity, inappropriate images, advertisements, and anything else contrary to the other rules, are not acceptable.

    To post a signature image:

    1. Upload your image to an external site (such as photobucket).
    2. Copy the URL of your image.
    3. Click on My Controls at the top right of this forum page.
    4. Click on Edit Signature, located in the panel on the left.
    5. Paste the URL of your image, with tags surrounding the link.

    To post an avatar image:

    1. Upload your image to an external site (such as photobucket).
    2. Copy the URL of your image.
    3. Click on My Controls at the top right of this forum page.
    4. Click on Edit Avatar, located in the panel on the left.
    5. Paste the URL of your image, where it says "Enter a URL to an online avatar image".

    7. You will respect the personal privacy of players/management and their families. Discussions about players or management that have nothing to do with hockey (including talking about how good looking the players are) are strongly discouraged. You will not post personal and/or private pictures of players/management.

    8. If you are a fan of a rival NHL team, you will not attempt to antagonize Canucks fans.This is a Canucks site and Canucks fans have a right to a place where they can discuss the team amongst themselves in peace. Biased viewpoints should be expected, so if you must respond, please do so in a respectful manner. In the same manner, Canucks fans shall not antogonize fans of other teams. Personal attacks against fans of other teams are not acceptable.

    9. There will be no advertising or selling of any kind on this board. This includes selling tickets, merchandise or soliciting to join another message board. Any promotional content posted or displayed in signature or profiles will not be tolerated.

    What's not ok:

    * Any 'classified' type advertisements
    * Threads, posts, links, or sigs advertising games
    * Any promotion to a website with intent to syphon traffic or make a profit
    * Advertisements and links to other message boards
    * Requesting for or selling merchandise in signatures

    What's ok:

    * One or two discrete links to personal hockey blogs, fan sites etc. (NO FORUMS)
    * Discrete links to user made youtube videos and other such media

    10. You will not discuss illegal activities. Discussion of criminal activities, warez, software and media piracy, and illegal broadcast of games will not be permitted. No links to sites containing illegal material will be tolerated.

    11. You will report rule violations to the administrators or moderators.[/color] Do not respond by posting spammy messages such as 'IBTL', and 'LOCK AND BAN'. The report button is located to the bottom left of every post. Thousands of new messages are posted every day. The moderators cannot read them all. If you see a post that breaks a board rule, use the report button. Do not be a mini-mod. Harassing users constantly about the rules is not constructive. The best thing you can do is report the post and leave it.

    [color="#006400"]12. You will not abuse the moderators. If you have an issue with a moderator's actions, need clarification on a moderator's decision, or want to make a suggestion to the moderating team, you are welcome to. However, this should only be done by PMing a mod, and not by making publicly viewable threads or posts. You are expected to always treat the moderators with respect, even when expressing a disagreement.

    13. You will not attempt to bypass a suspension or possess multiple accounts. If you are found to be using more than one account at a time, you will lose both. Any attempt to bypass a temporary suspension will immediately result in your account being suspended permanently.


    The following guideline will be used to determine what action will be taken for any rule violation:

    First Violation: Warning
    Second Violation: One Day Suspension
    Third Violation: One Month or Permanent Suspension

    Any further violations will result in a permanent suspension.

    Please remember this is a general guideline, and what action is taken is dependent on which rule was violated, the severity of the violation and the discretion of the moderator or administrator who responds.


    If you have any questions regarding these rules, or anything else on the forums, or have anything you'd like to say(like to tell us how awesome we are), please feel free to contact any of the administrators or moderators.


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