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    Trades, Rumors, Signings rules!



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    Trades, Rumors, Signings rules!

    Post by bieksa3 on Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:46 pm

    1. Make sure you make a clear title! We don't want a bunch of double threads.

    Affixed to the front of your title should be a label that identifies the type of transaction that is taking place.

    * For all trades use [TRADE].
    * For all signings use [SIGNING].
    * For all waiver-wire transactions use [WAIVERS].
    * For all rumours use [RUMOUR].

    For articles or news that don't fit into the above categories, affix an appropriately label of your choice such as [NEWS], [ARTICLE] or [MISC].

    2. All trades, signings, rumours and other news MUST include a linkable source. Simply posting the name of the source is not enough. Effort should also be made to copy and paste the full article, or at the very least the relevant portion of text from the source to the first post of the thread.

    The following are NOT considered valid sources:

    * Any links to posts or threads on other message boards
    * Any links to personal blogs
    * Any news heard on the radio that does not have a link to an audio vault or podcast
    * Any news seen on television that does not have a link to online video
    * Any news spread by word of mouth

    Hockeybuzz(ex.Eklund), Spector's Hockey and The Fourth Period are currently acceptable sources.

    The NHL Line, Brochu is Hockey and NHL Hockey News by saint Pako are currently invalid sources.

    4. Clearly misrepresenting the contents of your thread or posting false Trades/Signings/Acquisitions to send the forum into a frenzy will be taken very seriously and will result in an automatic suspension.

    5. Please put all proposals into the proposals forum and NOT this forum. Proposals found in this forum will be moved or deleted without warning.

    6. If you are going to post an Eklund rumor use [Eklund] on the thread title thanks!

    6. Please report any threads or messages that violate these or other board rules to the administrators or moderators() Do not respond by posting spammy messages such as 'IBTL', and 'LOCK AND BAN', or by attacking other users. The report button is located to the bottom left of every post.

    Thank you for your co-operation and please PM one of the Moderators or Administrators if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding this forum.


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